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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday, November 08, 2010

Adultfriendfinder (again)

I never really followed through on adultfriendfinder 2 years ago, but I'm giving it another try now.

So far I've been contacted by women from the Philippines, Italy, the United States, Germany and Nigeria. Some of those women, to judge by their photos, are the same person, particularly since they not only look alike, they have the exact same profile picture.

Not a lot of real action so far, just spam, spam and more spam. We'll have to see how this one plays out.

Would like to meet: The truth about internet dating


Saturday, May 24, 2008


One thing I see in a lot of profiles on dating sites: statements that 'time wasters' need not apply. Seems sensible. Who would want to waste their time? But then, who really considers themselves a time waster? Can you imagine the profile?

Hi, I'm a nice, decent guy. My hobbies are riding my bike, going to the movies and wasting people's time.

Get real people. No one tries to waste people's time. Most people start out with the best of intentions and then find they've made a mistake. And even when they haven't been exactly mistaken? Who among us has not had a rebound relationship. I can't imagine a bigger waste of the other person's time. But it happens. We tell ourselves it won't, we convince ourselves our intentions are pure, but they're not.

I guess I have two almost contradictory ideas here. On the one hand, no one tries to be a time waster and there is, in effect, no such thing. On the other, everyone actually is a time waster at least some of the time.

Monday, May 05, 2008

A Funny Thing

Not sure exactly why, but my profile has suddenly begun to be viewed on match.com.

Now if I were a more paranoid person than I am, I might think that has something to do with the fact that I canceled my subscription a couple of weeks ago and am now letting it run out (I must have bought a special deal cause it runs till July).

But I also wrote a new profile and experimented with key word stuffing. I used the words love, lovely, relationship over and over again, I even explained that was what I was doing. Lo and behold, I moved up the ranks and suddenly a lot of people are viewing me.

I re-wrote it again and did not use the stuffing. I'll be interested to see if it drops a bit.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Must be Seen to Be Believed

This is from the match.com faq:

Q. How do I purchase the Make Love Happen Guarantee program?
A. It's easy! Simply subscribe today and choose the six-month Love package. To learn more about the program, please read our program rules. If you have not met someone special after 6 months and followed all the program rules, you will qualify for the Love extension at no additional expense to you.

Q. What's included in the six-month Love package?

Q. What's included in the six-month Love package?
A. The six-month Love package provides all the benefits that Subscribers to the Match.com service receive as part of a six-month subscription. See Match.com Terms of Use for details. Additional features like MindFindBind™ and MatchTalk™ are available at an additional cost, and you will continue to be billed for any features you add to your subscription, even during a free extension of your subscription under the Make Love Happen program. See Match.com FAQ and How It Works for further details about additional features you can enjoy during your subscription.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Adult Dating Site

I'm trying a new tack. Since last weekend I've been on Adult Friend Finder. I went on for a few different reasons. The most obvious one hardly bears mentioning. But I found some interesting things once I started reading the profiles. Quite a few just have a little textspeak essentially demanding shags like, NOW. But quite a few other people are looking for a wide variety of things. Relationships of one kind or another where sex is an important part, but not all and not just once or twice.

This is a big change from the marriage-driven approach you see on the dotdating corporate sites I've been looking at. Yes, in the end I expect to get some good no strings attached shagging out of this. But I may well find some other interesting experiences along the way.

I think at least that this site is more honest about what it offers. People looking to simply hook up. Interestingly, the fact that it drops all the corporate cleanliness means people's profiles are much more honest and liberated. And interesting to read. No more of the endless 'I like going out and staying in with a bottle of red wine and a DVD' lines.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Your Face May Tell People What Kind Of Relationship You Seek

Your Face May Tell People What Kind Of Relationship You Seek

Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or just a one-night stand may be written on your face for others to read, say researchers from Durham University (England), St. Andrews University (Scotland) and Aberdeen University (Scotland).

You can read about this study in Evolution and Human Behaviour.

Apparently, a man who has a large nose, small eyes and a square jaw gives out signals of being the type of person who would prefer a short-term encounter, rather than love. According to women, men with softer features are more likely to be after a long-term relationship.

Even though researchers found that men do seem able to identify women who are fancy-free, they could not specific which particular part of the face was responsible for this.

The study involved 700 young heterosexual adults, all in their twenties.

In one of the studies involving 153 people, 72% of them were able to identify accurately the sexual attitudes of men and women just by looking at photographs of their faces.

Women who seek short-term sexual relationships generally have wide eyes and large lips - men tend to find these types of women more attractive.

Men who give the appearance of preferring a long-term relationship are more sought after by women, the study found. The more 'masculine' a man is the less likely he is to be faithful and a good parent, women tend to think - this finding agrees with those of previous studies.

Surprisingly, both men and women generally go for people who are the opposite of themselves.

Team member, Dr. Lynda Bothered, Durham University, said that the initial impressions we get from looking at a person's face could be part of how we assess potential mates (or rivals) when we fist meet them. "These will then give way over time to more in-depth knowledge of that person as you get to know them better, and may change with age," Bothered added.

"Facial correlates of sociosexuality"
Lynda G. Boothroyd, Benedict C. Jones, D. Michael Burt, Lisa M. DeBruine, David I. Perrett
Evolution & Human Behavior - 27 March 2008 (10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2007.12.009)
Click here to view abstract online

Written by - Christian Nordqvist
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